About EV Power Charger, Inc.

EV Power Charger, Inc.’s goal is to make electric vehicle (EV) charging convenient, efficient, and easy for anyone. Our patent pending overhead automated EV charging system with wireless controls does just that.   We will provide a convenient, automated home fueling station where the cost to charge an electric car is reduced by more than 50%.  We can also implement our overhead automated EV charging system at apartment complexes, work locations, commercial buildings, fleet vehicles, and public facilities. Our EV charging station incorporates Level 2 fast charging using 40-amps, 240-volts that minimizes charging time. EV Power Charger, Inc. is committed to servicing growth in the electric vehicle industry by providing convenient overhead automated EV charging systems with wireless controls, that provides many advantages, where anyone is comfortable using it.    

Our patent pending overhead automated EV charging system improves upon the predominate home electric chargers currently being installed. These predominate wall hung chargers consist of a wall rack with a long electric cable manually wrapped around it. Our Overhead Automated EV Charger with Wireless Controls provides many improvements and added capabilities: 

  1. No More Manual Winding & Unwinding heavy electric charging cable on a wall rack.    
  2. No More Dragging Electric Cable around floor obstacles & interferences to reach a charging port.
  3. No More Trip hazard created by wall hung electric cable stretched across the floor.
  4. A retractable spiral charging cable from overhead provides extended reach to multiple EV’s.
  5. A wireless controller on a keychain has 2 simple buttons to raise or lower the EV Charger.
  6. The EV charger is neatly stored inside a compact enclosure overhead and out of the way. 

EV Power Charger, Inc. includes registered professional engineers, electronics professionals, electricians, assembly techs, manufacturing techs, QA/QC professionals, AutoCAD draftspersons, and business professionals. Each manufactured system is inspected and tested prior to shipping.  Systems are delivered preassembled and are relatively easy to install. Installation and operations instructions are provided, which include drawing details illustrating the electrical power service and supply requirements. A local electrician is typically employed by the BUYER to install the system. EV Power Charger, Inc. provides phone support to assist with installation and operation questions. If the installation location is within about a 2-hour drive time from Greensboro, North Carolina, EV Power Charger, Inc. can offer installation services.  Customizations of our EV charging system can be completed to meet a BUYER’s specific need(s).

Significant research, design, configuration, and testing was completed to develop our patent pending overhead automated EV charging system with wireless controls.   Development of additional features and capabilities are ongoing.  This includes the ability to slide the EV enclosure along an overhead linear track to charge multiple rows of EV’s (more of a fleet or commercial application); providing dual charging units within the compact enclosure which allows for charging two (2) EVs simultaneously;  implementing additional controls, sensors, and annunciators.  Last, other complementary EV charging products are in various stages of design and development.

EV Power Charger, Inc. is committed to developing and providing excellent electrical vehicle charging products that provide unique features and capabilities that complement the EV industry and its future growth.