1. Enclosure frame comprised of lightweight aluminum and HDPE panels.

2. System components including the actuator, motor, connections, controls, electronics, annunciators, signals, charging systems, fasteners, and mechanical assemblies are preassembled and tested prior to shipping.

3. Total Assembled System Weight = 72 lbs. (32.7 Kg)

4. Charger delivers 9.6 Kilowatts per hour (fast charging) using a 40-amp, 240-volt power supply from an existing electric panel. A dedicated 50-amp breaker is required in the electric panel. In cases where the electrical panel
cannot accommodate a dedicated 50-amp breaker, the Charger can be adjusted downward and accept 25-amps, 240-volt power (this requires only a 35+ amp dedicated breaker in the electric panel); or further adjusted downward and accept 15-amp, 240-volt power (requires only a 20-amp dedicated breaker).   

5. A power source cable is run from the breaker in the electrical panel to the overhead location of the EV charging system, where an outlet is provided (installation drawings provided include details of the electrical power service).

6. A wireless controller fits on a keychain or in vehicle and raises or lowers the charger with the push of a button. The wireless controller has a range of 65 feet and works from inside the EV with the garage doors closed.

7. A secondary wall switch can be added to also raise and lower the bottom lid in addition to the wireless controls.  

8. Final installing and testing of the pre-assembled overhead EV charger takes about 2 hours (after the power source cable and ceiling outlet are in-place). Fasteners, brackets, and connections are provided. The installer provides only an 8-foot common 2X4. Please see the “Installation” tab on website.

9. The charging gun and adapter included will connect to any vehicle charging port including Tesla, Ford, BMW, Chevy, Nissan, Kia, and other electrical vehicles. An LED light annunciates when charging is ongoing and when charging is complete. Once charged, the power supply automatically shuts off. Readouts showing voltage, amps, and watts during charging are provided. The charging unit includes overvoltage, overheating, and overcurrent protection.

10. As an option, USER can remove our Level 2 charger shipped with the unit and connect another, different charging unit. Our overhead automated and wireless system adapts to other charging units.

11. Duration to Lower the Bottom Lid = 16 sec

12. Duration to Raise the Bottom Lid = 18 sec

13. In the fully lowered position, the lid and charger are dropped about 48” below the enclosure. Ceiling extension brackets are available in cases where there are very high ceilings.

14. Mechanical adjustment device is built in so that the bottom lid can be adjusted if needed to close flush with the bottom.

15. When lowering or raising the bottom lid, its motion can be reversed or stopped at any time by pressing button on wireless controller. For example, if the bottom lid is being lowered and the USER presses the DN button, the bottom lid will stop in place. If the bottom lid is being lowered and USER presses the UP button, the bottom lid direction will reverse. The same logic applies when the bottom lid is being raised. This functionality allows the USER to lower or raise the bottom lid to a specific height.

16. Control systems activates a GREEN LED light strip when bottom lid is being raised or is in the raised position. A RED LED light strip is activated when bottom lid is being lowered or is in the lowered position.

17. Systems are generally maintenance free and require inspection every 90 days. During the first 30 days of use, the systems should be inspected weekly, and any concerns reported so that adjustments can be made.

18. A 90-day warranty is provided which covers technical support and parts shipped at no cost. Onsite repairs are by others with remote assistance provided by EV Power Charger, Inc . Warranty does not cover misuse, faulty installation, damage by fire, or damage from Acts of Nature including hurricanes, floods, lightning, earthquakes and other.