Prices & Ordering

1. Model DDL-1, Preassembled Overhead Automate EV Charger     $3,885*
 ($1,000 Tax Credit makes effective cost $2,885 – see note below)


  • Automated mechanical components, electronics, and systems
  • 2 wireless controllers
  • Level 2 charging unit providing 40-amp, 240-volt fast charging
  • Retractable spiral charging cable with charging gun and charge controller
  • Charging gun adapter to fit any vehicle type (Tesla, Ford, GM, Kia, Honda, etc.)
  • Lightweight enclosure frame with green side panels
  • Overhead installation brackets and fasteners
  • User’s manual and installation instructions with drawings
  • Phone support for installation and set-up
  • Warranty – 90 days technical support and parts shipped to destination


  1. Shipping    calculated per destination


  1. Tax             calculated per destination

*Tax Credit:  Homeowners should qualify for a $1,000-dollar federal tax credit for the purchase of electrical vehicle charging equipment, reducing your effective cost to $2,885.   Businesses that install EV chargers and station equipment at their property can qualify for a federal tax credit up to 30% of the cost, with a maximum tax credit of $100,000. Federal tax credits under the Federal Inflation Reduction Act should be confirmed with your accountant.  



Please call EV Power Charger, Inc. at 336-337-4366 to place an order using a VISA, Mastercard, or by mailing a check.  Please note that all information provided remains strictly confidential and is not disseminated or shared with anyone.


Shipping time is 1-2 weeks from the time that the order is confirmed.